Winter Works artwork assortment unveiled in downtown Windsor

Downtown Windsor just got more colorful and whimsical with the addition of its first ever “Winter Works” art collection featuring two local artists.

According to the Downtown Windsor BIA (DWBIA), the artwork of two local artists is now being proudly featured in the first ever “Winter Works” display, a collection of art displayed on Maiden Lane West.

The featured artists are Billie McLaughlin and Daniel Bombardier.

A conceptual artist, McLaughlin “uses sculpture, installation, and performance art to explore the act of ‘play’ as a crucial element to human development and quality of life,” according to the release.

One of her contributions is titled “Growth” and is a vibrant 15-foot wooden sculpture constructed from salvaged lumber and is “a nod to the fortresses of a child’s imagination.”

“Cube A” by artist Daniel Bombardier is seen in Windsor, Ont. (Source: Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association)Bombardier is a pop/mural artist, and one of his submissions to Winter Works is entitled “Cube A,” and showcases a stack of brightly colored blocks of familiar iconography and is situated on astroturf and nestled inside a white picket fence.

This piece Bombardier said is homage to his hometown of Windsor.

The final piece of artwork is a collaboration between the two artists entitled “Big Idea,” and depicts a transparent cube balancing on a toothpick.

“It is an honor and a privilege to host the works of such celebrated artists,” said DWBIA Chair Brian Yeomans in the release. “They are truly gifts to the community, and I can think of no two better, more talented individuals to help us launch our first Winter Works.”

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