Windsor’s unemployment price rises in June

While the economy created more jobs in June, Windsor did not participate in the bonus.

The city’s unemployment rate rose 1.2 percent last month from May to 11.8 percent.

Statistics Canada labor market survey for June shows 1,500 jobs lost in Windsor at a time when an additional 600 people started looking for work.

Employment in Ontario rose 116,900 net jobs, bringing the unemployment rate down nearly a full percentage point to 8.4 percent last month. 92,200 of these were part-time employees.

Part-time work also fueled employment growth across Canada. It accounted for 263,900 jobs, most of which were filled by younger workers between the ages of 15 and 24. Although the number of full-time jobs fell by 33,200, it was a jump enough to bring the national unemployment rate down 0.4 percentage points to 7.8 percent from May.

In April and May, net positions across Canada decreased 275,000. The June result is an indication of the positive effects of a slow return to normal as pandemic restrictions began to lift.

On June 2, the Ontario government lifted its home stay order, and on June 11, restaurants began serving al fresco dining and some non-essential businesses reopened their doors.

More Canadians returned to the office, while the number of people working less than half of their normal working hours grew. A total of 400,000 people stopped working from home, down to 4.7 million. Those whose hours were cut in half because of the pandemic fell 19.3 percent to 276,000.

Adjusting the survey criteria to US concepts results in an unemployment rate of 6.3 percent in Canada versus 5.9 percent across the border.

The survey was conducted from June 13th to June 19th.

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