Windsor volunteers increase funds for the Meals Financial institution – NBC Connecticut

Helping Neighbors Neighbors was the topic of a group of volunteers in Windsor on Saturday morning.

The meal drive was hosted by the Live Love Give group, who pride themselves on giving back to the community.

A volunteer helps separate canned food into a box. Volunteers arrived two hours before the food ride began to prepare for the day.

The cold and dreary start did not seem to impress Sharon Rispoli or her group of neighbors, friends and children.

“There are so many people who are in such a dire situation,” said Rispoli. “We know that people are desperately looking for food right now.”

The grocery campaign is the latest campaign by the Live Love Group, except that this time the donation boxes will go directly to Windsors Food and Fuel Bank.

Rosa Abbott said she has had to go without it before and that is the main reason she had to give up some important things.

“Every little bit helps, and it would be great if everyone in town only gave one can,” Abbott said. “To me, the thought of someone not having enough food seems just crazy.”

Donation boxes piled up in Rispoli’s garage. The donations were later loaded onto the Windsor Food and Fuel Truck and delivered to the blackboard.

Others who showed up to offer some support and a few essentials focus more on the people who will benefit from their generosity.

“You know it’s the right thing to do. I hope someone will help me if I’m ever in this situation,” said Jill Levine. “I gave something back during the pandemic and just hope that someone can take something and what they need.”

A total of 7,696 items were donated, including groceries, diapers, stationery and more, according to the Windsor Food & Fuel Bank.

A large Windsor Food and Fuel Bank truck appeared loaded with donations from the trip. You can find more information about donating to the blackboard here.

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