Windsor to affix within the celebration of Earth Hour Saturday

The City of Windsor is asking residents to take one for the Earth on Saturday night.

Residents will be encouraged to join millions of people worldwide in celebrating Earth Hour, beginning at 8:30 pm During that hour, people are asked to turn off non-essential lighting and take a break from using electronic devices.

Earth Hour has been observed in Windsor since 2010. In previous years, residents have dropped their energy consumption at Earth Hour by 2.3 per cent. That’s the equivalent of six megawatts of hydro, enough to light up 1,900 Windsor homes.

People are encouraged to not only turn off the unneeded lights and put away the devices but to take a walk outside with flashlights, eat dinner by candlelight, or relax on the front porch.

Earth Hour takes place during the last Saturday in March, the closest Saturday to the spring equinox, to ensure that most cities are in darkness. The initiative was created in 2007 by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

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