Windsor restaurant steps as much as feed some hungry athletes with particular necessities

A local restaurant stepped up to help feed some of the athletes participating in the International Children’s Games.

17 Israeli participants only eat kosher food, as part of a religious custom, but when they showed up for lunch on Wednesday there was nothing they could eat.

Rabi Sholom Galperin contacted the owners of Mazal-Tov, the only restaurant in Windsor that prepares kosher food. “They are Jewish and they want kosher food. We have to provide for them.”

When asked if the restaurant could help out, there was no hesitation

Head of University of Windsor Food Services, Dave McEwen is thankful, “We’ve been able to put plan in place to ensure they get kosher meals for their entire stay.”

There are many different food options available for the athletes, including vegetarian meals and halal.

However, the university is not equipped to prepare the food kosher as there are very strict guidelines.

Still the massive undertaking of feeding more than 1000 athletes continues as it takes hours of preparation to provide three meals a day for the duration of the games

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