Windsor holds 2nd annual DiverCity BBQ Saturday

The 2nd annual DiverCity BBQ was held Saturday, hosted by the Windsor Police Service.

“It’s about providing information and showing support,” says Cnst. Jamie Adjetey-Nelson, diversity, inclusion and recruitment outreach officer.

Adjetey-Nelson adds, “We need to change the perception of what we do for the community. The past few years have been difficult for everyone and we just want everyone to know we’re still here, serving them and trying to help them. It’s a different way we’re policing now than 100 years ago, 50 years ago.”

The funding for the event was provided by the community benefits grant offered by the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority, which is building the Gordie Howe International Bridge.

25 community organizations set up booths to talk to residents about supports in the community from food banks to libraries.

“Collectively we are working together with professionalism, accountability, and integrity to ensure the safety of all the members of our diverse community,” says Adjetey-Nelson.

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