Windsor City Board Adopts Decision to Handle Water Utility Fee Billing Error

Windsor’s Town Board adopted resolution 2022-06 at the regularly scheduled meeting on February 14. to address an error implementing the 2021 potable water rates. This resolution reduced the proposed rate increase for 2022.

While preparing for the 2022 water rate increase, staff identified an administrative error that prevented the 2021 water rates from being applied. As a result, instead of implementing the $17.52 base rate for potable water for single-family homes, rates remained at the 2020 rate of $16.22.

“We had a processing error on the administrative side, and we’re currently looking into what happened and how we can prevent it from happening moving forward,” said Administrative Services Director Jessica Humphries.

Annually, staff works with Town Board to evaluate the water rate structure during the budgeting process. For the last three years, the town has hired Stantec Consulting to develop a rate model to evaluate all the variables required to provide a secure and resilient water supply to residents and businesses. Upon identifying the error, staff reached out to Stantec to examine the issue further in the rate model and presented their findings to the Town Board at the January 24 work session. Town staff and the board meet to discuss water rates annually as part of the budget process and can alter fixed water rates for municipally treated water as outlined in Section 13-2-90 in Windsor’s Municipal Code.

The February 14 resolution outlined the rate discrepancy and reduced the proposed rate increase. If the original rate increase had been applied as planned, an eight percent increase would have occurred in 2021, and an additional eight percent rate increase would take place for 2022. To avoid increasing rates a total of 16 percent all at once, the town will start billing residents at the $17.52 base rate for single-family homes. This rate is what was originally proposed for 2021. The rate change went into place on February 1 and will be reflected on the March 2022 utility bill.

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What factors impact water rates?

Water rates are reviewed annually and adjusted to maintain our high level of service and to keep up with inflation and aging infrastructure. The Town of Windsor does not make a profit from this utility service.

When will the new rates go into place?

The rate change went into place on February 1 and will be reflected on the March 2022 utility bill.

How do the revised rates compare to the originally proposed rates for 2022?

The amended rates are eight percent lower than what was originally communicated on and in the January utility bill insert. This new revised rate takes into consideration that 2021 rates were not implemented due to an error.

Should residents expect larger future water rates due to this error?

The Town of Windsor works with Stantec to determine water rates that will continue to meet the service needs for the town. We are not expecting to have a large financial setback due to the error. While water rates are expected to increase over time due to a variety of factors, the town works to avoid large one-time rate increases.

What will the updated water rates look like for homes with dual-use (potable and non-potable water systems) or businesses?

Water rates for potable water include a monthly base fee plus a set dollar amount for every 1,000 gallons used. The chart below illustrates how water rates are calculated.

Town of Windsor 2022 Water Rates

meter size Monthly base fee 1st Tier Usage charge per 1,000 gal 1st Tier Threshold 2nd Tier Usage charge per 1,000 gal 2nd Tier Threshold 3rd Tier Usage Charge per 1,000 gal 3rd Tier Threshold
¾” single family residential $17.52 $5.57 16,000 $8.32 22,500 $12.40 >22,500
¾” residential with dual system $17.52 $5.57 9,700 $8.32 >9,700 N / A N / A
1” residential with dual system $28.30 $5.57 9,700 $8.32 >9,700 N / A N / A
1.5” residential with dual system $57.95 $5.57 9,700 $8.32 >9,700 N / A N / A
Multi-family residential $11.32 $5.57 157,000 $8.32 >157,000 N / A N / A
¾” commercial, industrial, school $17.52 $5.57 157,000 $8.32 >157,000 N / A N / A
1” commercial, industrial, school $28.30 $5.57 157,000 $8.32 >157,000 N / A N / A
1.5” commercial, industrial, school $57.95 $5.57 157,000 $8.32 >157,000 N / A N / A
2”commercial $91.64 $5.57 493,000 $8.32 >493,000 N / A N / A
2” industrial $91.64 $5.57 783,000 $8.32 >783,000 N / A N / A
2” school $91.64 $5.57 157,000 $8.32 >157,000 N / A N / A
3” school $172.51 $5.57 306,700 $8.32 >306,700 N / A N / A
4” industrial $287.67 $5.57 2,461,000 $8.32 >2,461,000 N / A N / A

How can I receive my statements electronically and pay online?

Visit and click the gray “Sign Up” button. You will be asked to create an online account and need to input your utility account number, which can be found on your paper bill statements.

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