‘We bought the best deal for Canada’, PM Trudeau visits Windsor meeting plant

Just hours after attending the construction kickoff for the Gordie Howe bridge, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the Chrysler assembly plant in Windsor, Ont. Friday afternoon, telling workers that “the right deal for Canada on the USMCA” was achieved.

Trudeau used his four-minute address — in front of a sea of ​​surrounding auto workers — to thank labor unions, car parts companies, and “all the various members of the industry” who assisted with trade negotiations.

“The key thing on that is always listening, learning, talking about how we’re going to build a better future and thinking about that future — what the long term [looks like],” he said. “In terms of your jobs when you retire, but also your kids’ jobs and your grandkids’ jobs.”

Says yes are fighting big challenges but we need to stick together. pic.twitter.com/4xbQ94WSdL


Under the USMCA, there are no tariffs placed on Canadian vehicles. The revised deal will require 75 percent of an automobile’s components to be made in North America, up from 62.5 percent under the original NAFTA.

During his address, Trudeau didn’t provide any other details about the trade deal.

“Yes, we’re facing big challenges. But Canadians have overcome great challenges in the past and we will continue to do it as long as we do what you know best in Windsor,” said Trudeau.

“Roll up your sleeves, work hard and stick together.”

Trudeau ended his two-day stop in Windsor by handing out turkeys at the Unemployed Help Centre.

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