Volunteer group builds beds for Windsor Essex kids throughout the Construct Off occasion

WINDSOR, ONT. – A group of volunteers is building beds for less fortunate children in Windsor at a “Build off” event on Sunday.

The local chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace met on Sunday morning for the first time since the pandemic began at Z’s Auto Center on Tecumseh Road East to build 10 beds to be donated.

“Our goal is to end the bedlessness of children,” said Brian Cyncora, local president of Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

Cyncora and says that the goal of the group is to make sure each child has a comfortable place to rest their head at night. He estimates that 1,900 youngsters in Windsor-Essex have no proper place to sleep.

“Any child who finds themselves in situations like this is really the victim.” Says Cyncora, “They are not the ones who get into this situation. So we know that there is a need and we are ready to give these children better opportunities. “

Enbridge Gas has partnered with the nonprofit group.

“When you see something that the kids thought was just a piece of wood lying on a mattress, it feels great,” said Patrick Hickson, headmaster of Holy Names, vice president of the local chapter.

He tells CTV News that there are plans to bring the program into the local school system.

“We plan to build at least 150 beds a year,” says Hickson.

Officials say donations of twin-size mattresses and sheets, as well as pillows and pillow cases, are always welcome.

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