Value of residing: Windsor Foodshare helps extra households as costs hike

THE demand in families needing support from a Windsor food bank has significantly gone up.

Windsor Foodshare, which provides non-perishable food to those who are struggling, has seen an increase in larger families needing help.

Sarah Kember, manager at Windsor Foodshare, said she’s had a lot of people in temporary housing with no cooking facilities, so they are having to providing food suitable for them.

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“People are definitely getting worried with the price increases, even the smallest things going up in price in the supermarket,” Ms Kember said.

“It’s the everyday things that have gone up so it’s affecting everybody.”

Ms Kember has been speaking to Windsor Foodshare clients and said she has had a lot of people questioning how they are going to cope.

She added: “With school holidays we are trying to offer them a bit extra so they have enough for the extra lunch meal they are needing to provide.

“Whether it be baked beans, soup, just so they have something to offer for the meal.

“This is all without the coldest of weather and the extra price hike expected in October.”

Recently, Windsor Foodshare launched an Amazon Wishlist, which is an alternative way for people to donate items without having to travel to the food bank.

The Amazon Wishlist donations. Picture: Windsor Foodshare

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The food bank is currently low on baked beans, cereal, UHT milk, tinned pasta, tinned meat and tinned fish.

Visit Windsor Foodshare’s Amazon Wishlist to donate.

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