Trip numbers for Windsor and Maidenhead

More than 1,000 fewer workers were on vacation in Windsor and Maidenhead in March as lockdown restrictions are soon to be relaxed.

The latest statistics – showing the situation before pubs and non-essential stores opened for the first time in months – show that as of March 31, thousands of local people were still participating in the income support system.

Data from HM Revenue and Customs shows that around 10,300 workers in Windsor and Maidenhead were on leave at the time.

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That was 1,300 fewer than the 11,600 at the end of February and fewer than 11,800 in January.

Women in Windsor and Maidenhead were more likely to be on leave than men, with an admission rate of 16 percent compared to 14 percent.

By the end of March, around 25,700 jobs had been supported by the program since its introduction, as the figures show.

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Company jobs that are unable to work or unable to work for their employees during the pandemic are eligible for vacation pay from the government – with workers currently receiving 80 percent of their wages, up to £ 2,500 a month.

The regulation was extended – beyond the planned reopening of all economic sectors on June 21 – until the end of September, employers must pay a higher contribution from July.

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Across the UK, 4.2 million jobs were on leave as of March 31, up from 4.7 million the previous month.

The latest numbers don’t cover further easing of the April lockdown, which saw shoppers pouring back into salons, gyms, pub gardens and non-essential stores across the UK.

Around 2,450 hospitality jobs filled by workers in Windsor and Maidenhead were on leave as of March 31 – 24 percent of all jobs.

That was the largest share of all industries, followed by wholesaling, retailing and vehicle repair services (15 percent).

Across the UK, 1.1 million hospitality and hospitality jobs were on leave in March.

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