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The MAX Challenge officially came to South Windsor earlier this month.

Kim Lachapelle and her husband, John, are co-owners of The Max Challenge South Windsor. It is the first location in the state.

The MAX Challenge is a 10-week body transformation program that incorporates fitness, nutrition, and motivation.

“It’s really getting every single person to be their own personal best,” Kim said. “We truly are for anybody type, any weight, any age.”

Each class has three modification levels. Members have their own personal goals, such as running a 5K run, losing 100 pounds, or toning the body.

“All of those people can be in the same class, exercising together, and not be separated in any way at all,” she said.

The first of the 10 weeks starts off as an introduction to the exercises and nutrition. As the weeks progress, exercises and nutrition develop and change. There are five phases of the nutrition program.

“So nobody gets bored with exercise, nobody gets bored with classes, and nobody gets bored with nutrition,” Kim said.

Classes are offered several times, Monday through Friday. Members are encouraged to attend five times a week to get the best results, but are still welcomed even if they have to miss a class or two.

Kim researched The MAX Challenge for nine months before buying in, and trained with the program virtually.

“With my first 10-week challenge, I didn’t even think I had weight to lose and I lost 15 pounds. And that wasn’t with full effort, because I was getting the new site together and working a lot,” Kim said.

John has recently started his first 10-week challenge. He said he is proud to be a co-owner.

“I’m 100 percent behind my wife. I’m proud of her and can’t wait to see how this blossoms,” he said.

Long term success stories include members that have lost more than 100 pounds and those who went from sitting on couches to six months later running marathons.

“It’s so amazing,” Kim said at the grand opening launch event. “Actually being here today and seeing every chair filled and having to get out more chairs shows that we made the right decision to be in South Windsor.”

Out of all the towns Kim and John visited for the Connecticut location, she said South Windsor had something special.

“They’re so friendly, like a family,” she said. “They welcome you with open arms. We didn’t get that response everywhere.”

Mayor Saud Anwar, Deputy Mayor Andy Paterna, Rep. Tom Delnicki, town councilor Carolyn Mirek, and others all supported the grand opening.

The MAX Challenge was created by founder and CEO Bryan Klein after he decided that traditional gyms and expensive personal training could not help with his health struggles. He made a change six years ago, and has not looked back since.

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“After I regained my health, I saw a huge opportunity to help other people enjoy the same benefits,” Klein said.

The challenge started in one location in New Jersey with only 32 members. Within six months, more than 500 members had joined. Currently, there are 104 locations.

Klein said that the 10-week challenge can jump start a new life.

“The behaviors and the habits that we instill in those 10 weeks are healthy habits that extend far beyond that time,” he said.

“We block ourselves from moving forward and what we do is help people discover their inner strength with nutrition and workout habits, but that transcends to all areas of their lives,” Klein said.

Kim and The MAX Challenge plan to focus on community by giving to local organizations, such as donating to MACC Charities, supporting the Bistro on Main in Manchester, and giving to the South Windsor Food & Fuel Bank.

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