SAT Scores Launched In 2022: See How East Windsor College students Fared

EAST WINDSOR, NJ — New Jersey recently released its annual School Performance Reports for the 2020-21 school year. This report includes high school graduation rates, absenteeism, and average SAT scores.

East Windsor Regional School District had an average of 1,186. The districts with higher scores were county magnets or specialized high schools.

Patch compiled the combined SAT scores of districts across New Jersey, as well as the lists of scores in the two sections identified as “math” and “reading and writing.” ReadMore: NJ SAT Scores Released In 2022: Every High School Ranked

EWRSD averaged a score of 589 in math (compared to an average statewide score of 560) and 597 in reading (an average statewide score of 557). The test participation rate was 49 percent, according to the report.

SAT scores are still used by many colleges to judge a prospective student’s qualifications, in conjunction with extracurricular activities, essays, and other prerequisites. And even in the middle of a pandemic, they play an important role for New Jersey seniors who are already looking at colleges — even as testing has been delayed, or centers were closed because of the coronavirus in 2020 and 2021.

But the SAT tests could soon become a thing of the past, according to a report on NBC News. Beginning in 2023, SAT will be administered entirely online as a shorter, more comprehensive test.

Overall, New Jersey saw a 30 percent increase between 2018-19 and 2020-21 in the number of students who missed more than 10 days of school (labeled as ‘chronic absenteeism in the report’), totaling over 170,600 students, or 13.1 percent of students in the state. The absenteeism rate was not reported in 2019-20 because of a federal waiver due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Less than half of New Jersey high school seniors took the test in 2020-21, according to the report.

(Nicole Rosenthal, Patch Staff, contributed to the reporting.)

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