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The Queen has spent the majority of her time at Windsor Castle since first isolating with the late Prince Philip and her staff at the Berkshire residence at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Her Majesty is believed to hold Windsor very close to her heart due to the time spent evacuated there with her youngest sister Princess Margaret during World War II. But royal commentator Nick Bullen suggested the Queen may resume spending time at Buckingham Palace following extensive renovations on the Royal Family’s main London residence.

Speaking to Royally US, Mr Bullen said: “I think she’ll definitely be at Buckingham Palace a lot more.

“She loves Windsor Castle, she’d want to be at Windsor Castle but it’s only 40 minutes down the road from Buckingham Palace. It’s really close.

“Buckingham Palace is the seat of the monarchy, there was a huge £350-360 million refurbishment going on there.

“So she’ll want to show people that money is being well-spent. You’ll see her back at Buckingham Palace for all the investitures, having meetings, hosting dinners, staying there occasionally.”

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He added: “But probably Windsor will be more of the base but Buckingham Palace the office, so occasionally she will stay overnight at the office.”

Buckingham Palace renovations are not expected to conclude before 2027 as the roof of the grand house is due to be replaced as are the plumbing and electrical systems.

New lifts will also be installed to help increase accessibility as the residence is normally open to the public between April and September.

The palace has been the main home of the British monarch since the times of Queen Victoria, who made Buckingham Palace her main home after leaving Kensington Palace when she ascended the throne.

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“Like the powdering of footman’s wigs. Like sending a message verbally from one part of the giant Palace to another, rather than picking up a house phone.”

Historian Dr Piers Brendon gave insight into the motivations behind the Duke’s plans.

Dr Brendon told Channel 4: “[Philip] wanted to modernize the monarchy. This is the strange thing.

“He may seem a crusty old reactionary now, but at the time, he seemed to be very much a modern man.”

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