Premier Kathleen Wynne visits Windsor (gallery)

Prime Minister Kathleen Wynne is in Windsor this weekend speaking about party politics and the importance of Windsor-Essex despite not having a liberal representation in the region.

Typically around 250 people attend the Liberal Provincial Council, but this year a record 500 people filled the Augustus Tower in Caesars Windsor on Saturday afternoon. In the provincial council, Wynne sets the plans and priorities of her majority government for the next four years.

Wynne says the Windsor automotive sector is still a big piece of the provincial puzzle. “Windsor is an extremely important part of the province. Ontario’s economic production engine took a real blow during the economic downturn, ”says Wynne. “I want to make it clear to the people of Ontario that we are a government that represents and works for everyone in this province. It’s not about where we have members or where we have no members. “

Wynne also brought on the stage the former MPP Windsor-West, Teresa Piruzza, and thanked her for her contributions to the Liberal Party. Piruzza recently assumed a role as Chrysler Canada’s foreign affairs director. “I wish Teresa the best … she is a hardworking, great person. I am sure it will be a great connection for Chrysler, ”says Wynne. “The bottom line is that we have worked consistently with the automotive sector and will continue to do so. The automotive sector is extremely important to the province of Ontario and will be for the years to come. “

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