Platinum Jubilee: Beacon Lighting on The Lengthy Stroll Windsor

AROUND 60,000 people attended the Beacon Lighting in Windsor this evening (June 2).

The event, which took place on The Long Walk, rounded off the first day of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Crowds flooded in along The Long Walk and we spoke to some of them who shared their excitement for the weekend.

Julie Evans, who came all the way from Sunderland, said: “It’s been an amazing day and we’re staying the whole weekend in Windsor.”

Richard, of Windsor, said: “I used to be the Queen’s paperboy many years ago so I’m very proud to be British, I’m proud to be a Royalist and what the Queen has done for this country is absolutely amazing.”

Deborah Judd, from Bracknell, said she follows the Royals and said it was “fabulous” to be here celebrating.

“This is such an honor tonight, we’ll never see this again in our lifetime so I really hope the Queen enjoys it as we appreciate what she’s doing.”

The Queen began the ceremony by touching the Commonwealth of Nations Globe at Windsor Castle.

The bagpipes were played shortly after, which was followed by speeches from the Windsor Town Crier and the newly appointed Mayor Cllr Christine Bateson before the Beacon was lit.

Led by teacher James Manwaring, local school children also entertained visitors as they sung their special Platinum Jubilee song, The Long Walk.

And the whole evening was rounded off with a spectacular firework over Windsor Castle.

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