Paeonia bubble tea room Windsor struggling to make use of employees

A BUSINESS owner in Windsor is “desperately” looking for more staff as shortages are causing a “knock-on effect” to her company.

Anh Pham, who owns Paeonia bubble tea room, in Windsor Royal Station, has put out an urgent appeal to find more employees following its opening in October 2021.

Ms Pham said bigger companies offering starter bonuses and inflated wages are “putting the pressure” on independent businesses such as hers.

She believes the main causes of the shortage are Brexit and the pandemic.

She said: “We look after our staff, provide good salaries and flexible working.

“But, as a small business, we cannot compete with bigger companies offering starter bonuses.”

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Ms Pham added the cost of living is going up and so are transport and ingredients costs.

“However, salaries are not necessarily going up too and we think it would be unfair to pass on a price increase to our customers and that’s not something I want to do,” Ms Pham said.

She added one in 10 hospitality workers left the industry in 2020, using furlough as an opportunity to change careers.

Ms Pham has been working seven days a week to maintain the standards of customer service at Paeonia but is struggling to recruit.

She said: “Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about the success of Paeonia, I am overjoyed with how the local community has embraced my bubble tea room.

“But I desperately need some more staff to join our great team and am inviting CV’s from anyone wanting to join the team.

“Paeonia has been a huge success and we are delighted with how busy we often get, but because of this, we need more staff.”

Ms Pham added she also has plans to expand the business to London and further afield.

She explained: “I haven’t seen my family in Vietnam for three years and would dearly love to take time out to see them, or even have a holiday.”

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She has also run several social media campaigns for new staff and said other businesses are also complaining about the lack of interest in potential employees.

She added: “As bubble tea is a really fashionable drink, we’ve attracted mostly a younger workforce, but I’d love to accept CV’s from all ages, whether or not they have hospitality experience.

“We can fit in around studies and family life, all just a stone’s throw from beautiful Windsor castle.”

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