One other car stolen from East Windsor driveway

An east Windsor family had stolen their vehicle while they were sleeping last week, a problem that seemed to be escalating in the city.

“I’m making my coffee and I pressed the button and I was kind of wondering why it wasn’t starting,” said Brian Eades. “And I looked out the window and there was no truck. It was just gone.”

Surveillance from the video shows Eade’s new Platinum Ford F-150 was taken from his driveway in less than four minutes just after midnight.

A similar incident took place in a Forest Glade neighborhood Saturday when two suspects who were seen on security video walking onto the victim’s driveway before making away with his truck.

In Eades case, the thieves look to be snipping the horn alarm system through the hood, using a slim jim to break into the driver’s side. Then reprogramming the key FOB to start the car and drive away.

“No matter what they do, they’re going to figure out how to get around it. They always do,” he said. “There’s always a way I mean, when they came up with these computer systems with a push button and the key fobs and now they said, Hold on, you can’t steal these things and look at them now. They’re just flying.”

Eades reported it to the police, but he doesn’t expect to see his truck again.

He says the car was assessed at $93,000 and he will now have to go through the process to see what his insurance will cover.

He hopes police increase neighborhood surveillance.

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