New investments coming to Windsor

A London based developer is planning for a number of projects in Windsor, including a 28-storey apartment building downtown.

“You’re gonna see there about a $100-million development,” Shmuel Farhi told CTV News.

On Monday, city council approved the first phase of the 166-unit building slated for the west side of Janette at Riverside Drive.

“That’s going to be the first tower of two and we are very looking forward to build on the Docherty Hole finally and do something good there,” said the founder of Farhi Holdings, who explained The Docherty Hole project could involve the library, St. Clair College and a community centre.

Farhi was in Windsor Tuesday to show off the newly renovated DoubleTree by Hilton, a $25 million dollar investment.

“You’re looking at major, major developments for downtown and that’s people. That’s families. That’s residents. That’s people who are going to enjoy all of the amenities of downtown,” said Ward 3 city councilor Renaldo Agostino

Farhi Holdings is also developing land near the WFCU Center and has plans to build on farm land near the new acute care hospital in the future.

Farhi anticipates once he is done downtown the time will be right to shift his attention to Country Road 42 where he owns 53 acres of land including 18 acres on the west side of Concession 9, across the street from the future home of the acute care hospital .

The company’s website shows 500,000 square feet will be transformed into mixed used development: commercial, retail, office and hospitality development.

“We have about half a dozen hoteliers that would love to be there,” said Farhi.

Ward 9 city councilor Kieren Mckenzie is guarding his excitement saying the catalysts for growth, including the EV battery plant have challenges like servicing and infrastructure requirements.

“As a city we need to prepare and assemble the lands that will be able to accommodate those kinds of investments,” he said. “We need to make investments in the roadway infrastructure that’s gonna be able to accommodate the traffic volume.”

McKenzie puts all of those issues in the “good problems to have” basket. He’s excited investors are drawn to the city.

“We need to make sure we’re doing the things we need to do to accommodate those investments not just for the investors themselves but for all of the people that are going to be affected by those investments locating in this part of our community.”

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