Kate and William: Couple appear to ‘suppress’ tears on Windsor go to

William and Kate’s first outing since the Queen’s funeral was to speak to and thank members of the public for their help on Monday, September 19. The couple’s body language was “regal” and they seemed to express their grief for the Queen vocally, rather than quietly, according to a body language expert.

Judi James claimed that William and Kate have spoken about their grief out loud in recent days, instead of just showing their sadness through their facial expressions.

She said: “While some of the other royals, including Charles, Sophie, Eugenie and Beatrice, were very visible in their signals of grief for the Queen, crying or even sobbing and, in Sophie, Beatrice and Eugenie’s case, supporting each other with a very tactile display of hugs and hand-holding, William and Kate seem to have been more open in terms of their verbal expressions of grief.

“They have shared several quite intimate disclosures about their feelings with the waiting crowds.

“Their body language is tending to be more traditionally regal: not quite as powerfully stoic as Princess Anne, but with a quiet elegance that suggests suppression and a desire to not let things go in terms of tears.

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“There are certain moments that catch you out. You are prepared for all but certain moments catch you out.”

Judi continued: “William and Kate are holding it together, although their sadness can be see in their eye expressions.

“Kate’s normal royal smile has been suppressed to a lip-pursing, asymmetric mouth shape – but one look at her eyes gives away her inner emotions.”

The body language expert noted how William and Kate have shown a lot of confidence in recent days, but, at the same time, they have been trying to “lower” themselves to the public’s level to seem more relatable.

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She combined the coat with a pair of sheer, black tights, and a pair of simple black heels.

The Princess of Wales completed the look with a pair of dangling pearl earrings, which could be in tribute to the Queen as the late monarch was a huge fan of pearls.

Queen Elizabeth II was rarely seen without her three-stranded pearl necklace and her simple pair of pearl earrings.

Meanwhile, Prince William donned a navy blue suit for the engagement at Windsor today.

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