Jagmeet Singh guarantees Windsor job creation via retrofit buildings and manufacturing

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh intends to bring jobs back to Windsor by investing in local opportunities and retrofitting homes and buildings.

In a press conference at Windsor’s Coventry Gardens, Singh released details on how he intends to create one million jobs for Canadians if he is elected to federal office in the next election.

“Our plan is really to use the opportunities we have in Canada to create local opportunities to create jobs,” said Singh.

Singh, a former Windsorite, said he will create jobs by investing in infrastructure and housing, create better workplaces for essential workers and invest in Canadian manufacturing.

“There is no plan for jobs that doesn’t start with better work for workers,” said Singh.

The announcement comes as other party leaders have been making campaign announcements in anticipation of an election later this year.

An electric automotive future

Windsor’s automotive industry was a point of focus for Singh as well. As someone who grew up in Windsor, Singh said he remembered how devastating job losses in automotive industry were for many friends and families.

“We used to see incredible activity at the factories and when they shut down it really hurt a lot of people and it hurt a lot of families and I know Windsor is struggling now,” said Singh.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh stands with City of Windsor workers in the city’s Coventry Gardens on Wednesday July 14. (Jennifer La Grassa/CBC)

Singh said one of his solutions to more job creation is through manufacturing products for cars of the future in the city.

“Here in Windsor, that means producing batteries that we produce electric vehicles. That’s another opportunity where we can start producing what we know is going to be the car of the future,” said Singh.

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