Heatwave in Windsor-Essex has residents trying to keep cool

To stay cool on this extremely hot day Lifetimes on Riverside Retirement Residence offered an icy cool option.

A tray of ice water was available for anyone passing by.

“Making sure people are staying hydrated, drinking that water. Listen, Windsor is hot and you still want to be outside and active,” said Holly Kirk McLean, director of community relations.

Four lady friends were finishing off their 5k walk along the riverfront trail heading downtown when they stopped for some rest and shade near Janette Avenue. They were prepared for the heat before heading out.

“We’ve got our water, our hats, our sunscreen on — so following doctor’s orders,” said Santina DiPonti.

People were out exercising but took a swig when needed. Others working outdoors had water close by.

One man walked the riverfront trail with his umbrella for protection. Others decided to relax and soak in the sun at the beach.

Herb Brudner was at Sandpoint Beach with his family. He was happy to watch his grandkids from California swim but wished there was a shaded area closer to the water.

“For those who are not going swimming there should be some seating in the shaded areas,” he said. “That would really be pleasant.”

The heat warning from Environment Canada also led to the postponement of a track and field meeting hosted by the public board. “Hopefully, tentatively Friday things will cool down and they’ll be able to have the track meet on Friday,” said Scott Scantlebury, public relations officer.

The public board sent out a memo reminding principals of protocols and recommendations to keep kids safe on a hot day like Wednesday. The board also recommends families outfit their kids in light-coloured loose clothes, encourage them to drink lots of water, and use sunscreen and hats.

“I think most of us are used to it now but we gotta sometimes be reminded of the small things you can do to be safer,” said Scantlebury.

Windsor Fire recommends residents to beware of power usage when trying to stay cool at their residence.

“Our concern is going to be overloading of power bars and electrical circuits which would be causing fires,” said Mike Coste, Windsor Fire’s chief prevention officer. “Be smart. If you have a 15-amp service don’t put 30-40 amps into it.”

Melanie Coulter, executive director of the Humane Society, says not leaving a pet unattended in a vehicle on a day like Wednesday is a given but their safety goes beyond that.

“If they spend a lot of time outside they need to have water available,” she said. “They need to have access to shade. If you take them for a long walk in this weather is not a great idea.”

The heatwave is expected to continue Thursday.

Jen Knights, executive director of recreation and culture for the City of Windsor, says residents can visit area splash pads and community centers to stay cool.

“People can certainly stop in and get a break from warm temperatures,” she said. “We have water fill stations or water fountains at all the community centers too so if people need to refill their water bottles or get a drink those are available.”

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