‘Get Lit Marketing campaign’ targets Windsor-Essex cyclists

Bike Windsor Essex is kicking off their Get Lit campaign this weekend as the region changes back to standard time.

The initiative is intended to educate cyclists on the importance of having a reflective device or light on the front and backs of their bicycles as the clocks “fall back” on Sunday.

“It’s definitely time that if you haven’t had lights on your bike all summer, you need them on now,” said Executive Director Lori Newton.

“It’s the most important thing you can do for your personal safety as a cyclist is making sure that you have a white front light and a rear red light,” Newton explained. “According to the law, you need a white front light and a reflector on the rear, but I would argue that the light on the rear is even more important than the reflector or the light on the front.”

Newton continued, “The light on the front of your bicycle allows you to see the ground in front of you so that you can identify any debris or dangers in the bike lane. If you’re on a bike lane or if you’re just on a road or a path it shows you what’s ahead, but the rear red light, and especially I love it to be blinking for more attention, that’s to allow car drivers to see you when they’re coming up behind you.”

Newton told CTV News free bike lights will be distributed during this year’s campaign.

“This year, a little bit different. We’re going to be riding from the Bike Kitchen with lights in our bags. We’re going to ride into neighborhoods. We will identify riders who are out there without lights on their bikes and we’ll give them a friendly ‘hello’ and install some lights for them at no cost.”

Daylight saving time ends at 2 am on Sunday.

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