Election outcomes: Drew Dilkens re-elected as mayor of Windsor for third time period

Long before the city confirmed results, front-runner candidate Chris Holt conceded to Drew Dilkens.

“Our scrutineers have been reporting back and now we did not win the mayors’ race,” Holt said Monday.

“We’ve had over 300 volunteers who worked this campaign and put their blood, sweat and tears into it. That’s my focus moving forward. Celebrating with them, everything that they have achieved.”

Holt believes his campaign forced Dilkens to change his strategy.

“I knew unless I raised them (issues), he wouldn’t,” Holt said, referencing in part Dilkens’ reluctance to commit or denounce the potential for Windsor’s next mayor to have ‘strong mayor’ status.

“It was very obvious that the incumbent did not want to talk about it. And it’s important that we do because it’s going to permanently alter the makeup of the council.”

Dilkens says he wants to see a report by city administration on strong mayor status before deciding if he would use it or not to move housing initiatives forward.

Results: Here are the mayors of Essex County elected in the municipal election

The two candidates also sparred about the future of the new single-site acute care hospital.

When Dilkens arrived at the city’s results event at Fogolar Furlan Club, the first thing he did was shake Holt’s hand.

“Chris, you have my respect, you have my appreciation,” Dilkens said during his victory speech. “Congratulations on running a good campaign.”

Dilkens says he ran his own campaign and didn’t change his strategy as a result of Holt’s.

“I ran on my own platform so that’s what I’m interested in working towards and I think the residents tonight have shown that that platform is what they wanted to see happen,” Dilkens told the media. “I’m not thinking of Chris Holts’ platform. I’m thinking of my own and I’ve made strong promises and commitments to those residents that I plan on delivering.”

Dilkens says the new hospital was a key issue when he talked with the electorate during the campaign.

“It looks favorable that we’ll have at least six strong candidates who have committed to getting the hospital done around the table which is fantastic,” said Dilkens. “We’ll certainly take that to the bank and take that to the premier and say it’s time for that two billion dollar investment in Windsor-Essex.”

Other candidates included Benjamin Danyluk, Aaron Day, Matthew Giancola, Ernie Lamont, and Louis Vaupotic.


  • Ward 1: FredFrancis
  • Ward 2: Fabio Costante
  • Ward 3: Renaldo Agostino
  • Ward 4: Mark McKenzie
  • Ward 5: Ed Sleiman
  • Ward 6: Jo Anne Gignac
  • Ward 7: Angelo Marignani
  • Ward 8: Gary Kaschak
  • Ward 9: Kieran McKenzie
  • Ward 10: Jim Morrison

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