– Windsor wants Snow Angels

Already the City of Windsor has hundreds of requests from seniors and those living with disabilities who will need help clearing their sidewalks this winter.

“It’s such an important service, as snow removal can pose significant challenges to those with limited mobility,” said Executive Director of Human Resources Dana Paladino. “Snow build-up can make it harder for service providers, like police and fire, mail carriers, and meter readers, to do their jobs safely and efficiently.”

The city hopes just as many volunteers will heed the call.

For high school students, being a snow angel can help fill up volunteer hours needed for graduation. They need 40 hours to round out their 40-hour community involvement commitment.

The only requirement is they be at least 16.

However, the city is sweetening the pot this year with a draw to win a tablet or one of two $50 Rec Express Cards.

Those who need a Snow Angel can register online or call 311.

Those who want to volunteer to be a Snow Angel can sign up online or call 311.

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