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Lin Blakley, 70, who played Pam Coker on EastEnders, has touched on her time on BBC Soap alongside Dame Barbara Windsor, 81 – best known for her role as Peggy Mitchell. The soap star spilled a moment the couple shared together before the two left the show in 2016. Lin described Dame Barbara as a “sincere, beautiful person,” but admitted the two didn’t know each other as well when they met on set. In an exclusive conversation with, she said: “Barbara and I met – because she would be back” [to EastEnders] – to film the final episodes before Peggy Mitchell passed away [in 2016].

“I was alone on a night shoot in the Green Room. And Barbara was also on a night shoot with her lines.

“So we sat and talked and she asked me, ‘I saw you, didn’t I?’

“And I replied, ‘Oh Barbara, you wouldn’t remember me?'”

Lin revealed that the couple had previously met at Pinewood Studios when Dame Barbara appeared in the Carry On films in the 1970s.

The little screen star also announced that they shared a table together at Elton John’s 50th birthday party in 1997.

Lin said, “When she said I recognize you – her memory was still there. She is such a dear, dear lady. Life is cruel at times.

“Apparently she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at this point. We didn’t have a common scene, just this moment. “

She added, “It was a great moment to know Barbara more than Peggy. Just a sincere, lovely lady. “

Lin also raved about the Carry On actresses husband, Scott Mitchell, whom she revealed as “an equally lovable person.”

She revealed, “After that night shoot, I think it was the next night, they threw a huge party for Barbara to say goodbye.

“And her husband is also a lovable person. You can say that they have such a great love and bond between them. What is nice to see in today’s world and in the business in which you are active. “

Dame Barbara went public with her battle with Alzheimer’s disease last year, but in fact she had been diagnosed four years earlier.

Alzheimer’s symptoms vary, but are mainly associated with memory loss and persistent decline in brain function, according to the NHS website.

The disease mainly affects people over 65, but there are cases when symptoms can develop earlier.

Meanwhile, Lin, who made her EastEnders debut in 2014, has spilled that she might return to soap.

She said, “I like to go back. I’m going back soon. Just for a couple of episodes and I love it. I love jumping back. “

EastEnders will air on BBC One at 7:30 p.m. tonight.

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