As Open Streets set to return to Windsor, extra volunteers are wanted

Organizers say upwards of 300 people are necessary to make Open Streets — a beloved annual event in Windsor, Ont. — a success.

“We’re really excited for it to be back in full force,” says Michelle Staadegaard, manager of culture and events for the City of Windsor. “What’s hard about Open Streets is everybody wants to come out and play.”

Staadegaard says anyone interested in volunteering just needs to show up downtown anytime after 8:30 am on Sunday. “Come to our main information hub. It’s right across the street from Senator Croll Park right by city hall. You’ll see us, we’ll be smiling and waving and happy to welcome you in to the team is well.”

Staadegaard tells CTV News Windsor the challenge to find volunteers is typical leading up to the event, suggesting many people are often getting to school or other things that takes away from volunteering efforts. She notes volunteers are able to come check out the eight various neighborhood hubs in the morning and then volunteer later in the day.

“We encourage it!” Staadegaard says. “You can get a lunch that way as well. But you can come in the morning for a few hours, help us out and then enjoy the open streets or go in the morning and then come and help us out in the afternoon.”

Staadegaard adds Windsor’s eight kilometer stretch is the longest Open Streets stretch in North America, making it one of the regions best free events.

“It’s one of our largest recreation activities in Windsor. So it’s a great way to really get out exercise, but also just walk enjoy,” she says. “You can choose to do the whole eight kilometers, or you can choose just to kind of stay in one hub as well.”

Staadegaard continues, “You can go from Sandwich Town to downtown to all the way to Ford City. Neighborhoods you may not have been through before, organizations that you might not have touch base with or music that you haven’t listened to.”

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