Ajinomoto® Windsor Mobilizes to Assist Households Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

Brad KuminVP of Marketing for Ajinomoto Windsor’s Food Services Division, explained, “When we heard about the damage Hurricane Harvey had caused in Houston, it was an easy decision for the team to put the food truck into action. We were pleased that so many of our employees and partners were ready to volunteer. When you’ve gone through something as devastating as this, few things can be as impactful and encourage as a good, hot meal when you don’t expect it.”

Ajinomoto Windsor first arrived in pasadenaTexas—where team members quickly set up the truck and began preparing lunch for the community.

Over the four-hour period on the Friday they were open to the public, the teams served over 200 meals to local citizens. Meals were provided to families struck by the storms and those who had volunteered to help with the clearing and restoration.

As you can imagine, preparing that many meals, and storing that much food, is a challenge in itself. Ajinomoto Windsor called upon one of their local brokers, Waypoint Houston. The Waypoint Houston team was incredibly gracious and let the Ajinomoto Windsor team use their facility for food preparation and also to store the food truck and equipment. They also supplied sauces, materials, plates, and many other materials required to distribute so many meals.

On Saturday, the Ajinomoto Windsor team, Brad Kumin, Gary Fischer, Bill Robertsonand Debbie Grudzienand a team from Advantage Waypoint Houston and Muise, helped support one of the larger disaster relief centers in Houston. The team worked at a location set up by the Houston Food Bank feeding families and workers in the community.

The Ajinomoto Windsor team served in excess of a thousand meals to those in need, with lines that were hundreds of people deep. Serving salads, loaves, Bernardi™ Tortellini, Amoy® Fried Rice, Tai Pei™ Asian meals, and Whitey’s® Chili, these meals were a huge help to those in need.

The Ajinomoto Windsor truck then moved to Kingwood, Texasone of the hardest hit areas around Houston. Employees of Ajinomoto Windsor and their family members were all on hand to help with the relief effort.

The long and exhausting weekend was a great success. Brad Kumin stated, “I want to express my sincerest thanks to everyone that helped with the relief effort. It was a wonderful effort by all those involved. I think we all were reminded how powerful good food can be to those around us. That will be a lesson that we all take back with us from this experience, and how the little things can make a big difference to those in need.”

For more information about Ajinomoto Windsor, visit their website at www.ajinomotowindsor.com.

About Ajinomoto Windsor: With a vision to create meaningful food experiences through high-quality ingredients and innovative technologies, Ajinomoto Windsor Inc. serves as a leading company in the frozen food industry. The company honors its commitment toward providing nutritious and premium meals for all consumers through its rich history of diverse ethnic brands. Whether you are seeking Asian, Italian, or Mexican flavors, Ajinomoto Windsor is dedicated to satisfying your needs. It is the company’s mission to create memorable experiences through its meals, and to deliver food that not only tastes great, but also feels great. To learn more about Ajinomoto Windsor’s dedication to bringing quality meals to your table, visit: http://www.ajinomotowindsor.com

SOURCE Ajinomoto Windsor

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